Forest Change

Virac has been singularly blessed with luck and circumstance. It is rich in material and natural resources like forest and mineral deposits. It has vast timberlands in its reserves and minerals like coal, copper, manganese, phosphate and cement can be tapped for future commercial use. But its real wealth lies in its human resources, for its people are the most literate this side of the country. Besides abaca and copra, the most vital export is human talent and technology.

Virac is also an untapped tourist Mecca. Its eastern and southern beaches are laced by immaculate white beaches and glittering shorelines and lovely quays, its interior is cooled by numerous coconut trees and tree groves and watered by rivers and innumerable creeks, brooks and streams.

It has also its own share of springs and cascading waterfalls that can gladden the hearth of any tourist. Virac sunrise and sunset can be just as colorful and hearth stirring as their counterparts all over the country.