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A Meeting of Minds at Marem’s

Newly-elected mayors as well as the three reelectionists had the chance of airing what was on their minds during the meeting with Congressman Cesar Sarmiento and Governor-elect Cely Wong at Marem’s Pension House.

Save for Bagamanoc’s Remegio Villaluna and San Andres’ Peter Cua who had traveled to Manila after the elections, the rest of the nine reelected and newly-elected chief executives expressed support for the two political leaders beginning June 30, aside from vowing to provide dedicated service to their constituents.

The number of women mayors remain at two (Flerida Alberto of Virac and Salvacion Isuela of Caramoran) while bachelor mayors increased to four (Mayor Obet Fernandez of Payo was joined by Gordon Olfindo of Viga, Johnny Rodulfo of Bato and Rodel Abichuela of Baras).

Of the 11 mayors, nine belong to the Liberal Party while the two others are from the Nationalist People’s Coalition, which joined LP in a coalition in Virac, and Lakas (in Bato). Bato constituents of Rod…

Catanduanes as Haven for Eco-Tourism?

An article in the Tribune 20 March 2013 mentions Congressman Sarmiento’s strong opposition to coal mining in Catanduanes, which would run counter to his dream to see Catanduanes as a haven for eco-tourism.

Very commendable but this will never happen until the trashing of the beaches, creeks and streets with garbage, which turns tourists off, is addressed and figures show the result. Palawan, with its strict environmental laws, 10 years ago had one flight a day; it now has around 9 flights daily with a large amount of passengers being tourists. Here previously, we had 3 flights a day; now we are lucky to get 1 flight a day, The congressman needs to follow the lead of Mayor Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa and his concern for the environment.

One glaring example is a barangay litter collection point that collapsed months ago between the governor’s hardware store and house, at the edge of the creek with piles of plastic bags leaching into the creek. In our barangay, some people treat the cr…

‘K-to-12’ Education Now a Law

MANILA, Philippines—President Aquino signed a law on Wednesday adding three extra years to the country’s 10-year basic education curriculum in a bid to make Filipino students at par with their peers in other countries.

“This lays the foundations for a better future for every Filipino child,” President Aquino said Wednesday after signing the law which makes enrollment in kindergarten compulsory before children can begin the traditional six years of primary school and adds two more years to high school.

The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, or the K-to-12 Act, establishes a “universal kindergarten” and introduces Grades 11 and 12 to high school education in public and private schools.

Students will have to complete the extra education to qualify for university.

Until this law’s enactment, the Philippines was the only country in Asia and one of only three countries worldwide, together with Angola and Djibouti, with a 10-year preuniversity cycle.

“We now know that our traditional…

SC Rules LGU's Power Over Small-Scale Mining Deals Not Absolute

MANILA, April 29 (PNA) -- The Supreme Court has ruled local government's power over small-scale mining contracts in their areas is not absolute.

In a 20-page ruling, the SC en banc said the enforcement of the small-scale mining law to the provincial government is subject to the supervision, control and review of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The SC, through Associate Justice Diosdado M. Peralta, said under the Administrative Code of 1987, the DENR is empowered to carry out the constitutional mandate of controlling and supervising the exploration, development, utilization, and conservation of the country's natural resources.

"Hence, the enforcement of small-scale mining law in the provinces is made subject to the supervision, control and review of the DENR under the Local Government Code of 1991, while the People's Small-Scale Mining Act of 1991 provides that the People's Small-Scale Mining Program is to be implemented by the DENR Secretar…