NSO Conducts 2012 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries

The National Statistics Office (NSO), Catanduanes will be undertaking the 2012 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (2012 CAF) beginning this February.

The 2012 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (2012 CAF) is a large-scale government undertaking that is geared towards the collection and compilation of basic information on the agricultural and fishery sectors in the Philippines. The data collected in this census shall constitute the bases from which policymakers and planners formulate their plans and programs for the socio-economic development of the country.

The 2012 CAF is envisioned to achieve the following objectives: determine the structural characteristics of agriculture and fishery sectors; provide sampling frame for the conduct of supplementary modules on irrigation and cropping pattern, livestock and poultry, aquaculture and fisheries, and other statistical undertakings; provide basic data for use in national as well as subnational development planning ; and, provide data on agricultural, aquacultural, and fishery facilities and services in the barangay.

Over the years, the CAF has been a source of comprehensive statistics on agriculture and fisheries for the use of the general public, government, business industry, and research and academic institutions.

All households will be listed and interviewed to determine the presence of household members who operated a farm, aquafarm, and/or fishing activity for the period, January to December 2012. These households’ members will be interviewed to collect data on the details of his/her agricultural, aquacultural and/or fishing activity.

Moreover, the Punong Barangay or any incumbent barangay official will be interviewed to gather information on the presence/availability of facilities, input dealers and service providers related to agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries in the barangay.

The 2012 CAF enumeration will be conducted from February 25 to April 13, 2013. Training for the 3rd and 4th Level will be conducted on January 28 to February 23, 2013. Authority for the survey is Section 2(c) of Commonwealth Act 591 which authorizes NSO to conduct censuses and surveys. Pursuant to the provision of Section 4 of this Act, information obtained from the respondents shall be held strictly confidential and shall not be divulged to any person except authorized NSO personnel acting in the performance of their duties.

Source: Catanduanes Tribune