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It's More Fan

Quotes from locals complaining about the current power situation and outages on the island. One funny and others are calling for action. #Catanduanes#FICELCO A night with power. Am I supposed to be grateful?— Nic Houghton (@N1ckn1ght) August 30, 2012Catanduanes: BLACK OUT CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES. #badtrip— karen alarte (@pretttykaren) August 29, 2012so hot! been 3 days already, hoping to resolv this crisis here in the province of catanduanes.— edielyn valen (@eiroiel) August 29, 2012@gmanews no electricity here in catanduanes until sept 1 is that true? Pls confirm.— Mark | マーク (@markdelarosa) August 29, 2012@gmanews patingin naman po sabi kasi hanggang sept 1 bago magka kuryente dito sa catanduanes.— Mark | マーク (@markdelarosa) August 29, 2012#Catanduanes Prolonged brown outs for days now. #Ficelco need a shake up.— Nic Houghton (@N1ckn1ght) August 28, 2012it's more fan in Catanduanes. Because we using fan to cool down, brownout always experience in the province.— caloy (@jomme…

Solon Seeks Probe on Rampant Harvesting of Crablets

A Party-list lawmaker is calling for a congressional inquiry on the reported rampant harvesting and sale of crablets as exotic food delicacy, which has resulted in the alarming decline in the harvest of mature mud crabs. In filing House Resolution 2587, Rep. Angelo Palmones, (Party-list, AGHAM) said rampant harvesting and sale of crablets hinder the sustainability of mature crabs for food and livelihood. Palmones cited that a 2009 report from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) that exports of crabs, in its live or processed form, accounts for 5.8 percent of the year's total export value in fisheries produce. The study, Palmones said shows that crab production is a viable means of livelihood for some of the coastal areas in the country thus; this reported rampant activity of early harvesting for minimal amount will disrupt the flow of income in an area where crab produce is one of its main sources of income. Palmones said several local government units have i…

Clueless on Catanduanes

Below are some notable comments from Twitter users on Pinoy Henyo, while a participating team was trying to figure out the word "Catanduanes". Enjoy!

Parang Brazil and Argentina lang in Euro2012. -_-" --> RT @jadysalonga: PAano naging Mindanao ang Catanduanes at Marinduque?!— Faith Aquino (@JenShinrai) August 10, 2012catanduanes!!! pinoy henyo!!!— kier berce (@kierberce) August 10, 2012grabe catanduanes dw nsa mindanao? shunga ka si ate....— yanna chua (@yannachua13) August 10, 2012Ang hirap naman talaga ng Catanduanes eh. :| :)) #EatBulaga#PinoyHenyo— Dyenn Hilario(@estrodYENNic) August 10, 2012Grabe. Catanduanes, parrot di nahulaan. Whoa. What happened to our knowledge, Filipinos? :-O #pinoyhenyo— Krystel C (@the19thkid) August 10, 2012@ayeenatienza Haha yung isa nga Catanduanes nasa Mindanao daw eh tapos mamaya na Visayas na. :)) Umaandar?— Carlo Enriquez (@carlowlowlow) August 10, 2012Naloka ako sa mga kasali sa #PinoyHenyo. uggghhh! CATANDUANES: Luzon? Hindi! V…

Social Media in Catanduanes

Being far, the only way to update this blog is through innovative and fun way, by posting public tweets from Twitter users. Here are some latest tweets from Catanduanes. Good morning, it's a sunny day here in Catanduanes, God bless us all!— Tess Gonzales (@ma_teresita_29) August 8, 2012@captainknows catanduanes.. hehehe layo dba??? pero ok naman pagkain.. gaya nito.. bagong prito yan..…— tam (@MhondzkiReymond) August 8, 2012many these at my hometown... it's more fun in Catanduanes..;)…— Tess Gonzales (@ma_teresita_29) August 1, 2012Baras, Catanduanes— Noreen Coutts (@noreen09) August 7, 2012nakakatuwa nga kasali na ang catanduanes sa news— marziel cipres (@MarzCipres) August 6, 2012