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The Save Our Sea Turtles (S.O.S) Project

What are Sea Turtles? Sea turtles are often referred to by scientists as the only living remnants of the dinosaur age, but might not be around long enough. Unless sincere efforts are undertaken, sea turtles might follow dinosaurs into extinction. Popularly known as pawikan, a typical Philippine Sea Turtle weighs between 180 to 210 kilograms, and unlike land turtles, cannot retract its head and limbs under its streamlined shell. It has large upper eyelids that protect its eyes, but has no external ear opening. Awkward on land, it is more active and graceful in the water, traveling as fast as 32 kilometers per hour using its long paddle-like fore and hind flippers. Sea turtles vary in color - olive-green, yellow, greenish-brown, or black. The most common species in the Philippines is the Green Sea Turtle, which is also found in all tropical and sub-tropical seas, which includes our island, Catanduanes. Its most distinct feature is a more blunt and wider head than that of the Hawksbill…