DA, Seed Firm Trains Farmers on Off-Season Veggie Planting

Local farmers from other towns are clamoring for the conduct of another training for them after the Department of Agriculture conducted one on the planting of off-season vegetables for farmers from Virac, San Miguel and Bato last week.

Ten farmers from each town, accompanied by their municipal High-Value Commercial Crop (HVCC) coordinators, attended the two-day seminar held at Rakdel Inn last Sept. 13-14. Aloha Gigi BaƱaria, chief of the Institutional Development Section at the DA Regional Field Unit 5, headed the team of resource persons composed of technicians from the East-West Seed Co. based in Bulacan. The East-West team pushed for the organic planting of vegetable hybrid seeds.

The participants and local agriculture officials, who were treated to a practicum at the provincial nursery at the capitol compound on the second day, wished there was more time to focus on how to treat pests and diseases affecting off-season vegetables.

Ms. Nelia Teves, officer-in-charge of the Provincial Agriculture Support Office, said the DA or even the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics do not have data on actual vegetable production in Catanduanes but it is estimated that it is about less than half of the total annual vegetable consumption here, with majority of vegetables imported from Baguio City and the mainland Bicol,. Still, she said, the situation is a big improvement compared to that ten or more years ago when almost all vegetables consumed on the island were grown elsewhere.

Source: Catanduanes Tribune - 26 September 2010