Fishing’s Fine Again at the Pier

The fishermen at the Virac pier are back in.

PPA Virac port manager Flor Balota has ordered security guards at the port to allow entry at specified periods to the denizens of the pier who regular drop their hooks and lines in the early morning or at sunset, hoping to catch some fish for dinner.

The fishermen, however, are back at their own risk. They would be requested to submit a waiver stating that the PPA or manager Balota would not be responsible if something untoward happens to them inside the port. Those who want to go out on a date at the pier will be denied entry along with kids. The manager’s memory is still fresh of the incident wherein a man on a bike ran into the fallen steel post just after typhoon Reming. The biker died at the hospital after impaling himself on a protruding piece of steel.

The PPA’s recent action to bar fishermen from using the port was an offshoot of a directive from Rene Agao of the Port Management Office in Legaspi. In his May 18 memo, he reminded port managers in Bicol that fishing or bathing from or at any pier, wharf or quay or premises of the PPA is prohibited as stipulated in the General Port Rules and Regulations.

"Similarly, in the same GPR, loitering inside the port premises at any time of the day is a violation of Section 83," he stressed, adding that enforcement of the rules is intended to strengthen and sustain not only the safety and security of the ports as a whole but the public as well.

As it is, the head of manager Balota is on the line should anything untoward occur in the pier premises, especially if caused by the presence of fishermen, swimmers or loiterers. The fishermen should do well to abide by the arrangement in return for the privilege of fishing in the refreshing breeze at the end of the pier.

By the way, the PPA manager is wondering when the Virac municipal government would start collecting segregated garbage, since her office has been doing segregation of trash for months now. Her personnel is understandably frustrated that while they separate trash into reusable, biodegradable and non-biodegradable portions, all the hard work turns to nothing when the LGU garbage truck comes around and just dumps it all together again.

Source: Inside Page by Fernan Gianan - 23 July 2010