Very Peaceful Vote-Buying Indeed - CT

The May 10 automated elections was successful, particularly in the speed by which the precinct results were transmitted to the municipal and provincial canvassing boards.

There were negligible protests, as the only grounds for pre-proclamation controversies have been limited to just two: illegal composition and illegal proceedings of the board of election inspectors or canvassing board. That’s why the PBOC just noted the objections of the Wong counsels on May 13, specially their petition to exclude the Baras results.

The vote-buying was likewise generally peaceful, except for some candidates and their supporters who displayed unusual stupidity in bringing their money in obvious packaging. They were unlike some candidates who took the trouble in placing the cash in inconspicuous, ordinary-looking containers like spare tires and speaker boxes.

The cases against alleged vote-buyers would most likely be dismissed, some say, except if the candidate himself was the one who got caught and if the arresting officers had the authority and the right circumstance to make the arrest and seizure. On the other hand, candidates and their supporters who were caught redhanded with vote-buying money should dispel any thought of filing cases against the arresting authorities. They would have to admit to be in illegal possession of money intended to buy votes if they want to charge checkpoint personnel.

Source: Inside Page by Fernan A Gianan, Catanduanes Tribune - 20 May 2010