Take the Money - CT

But don’t run.

We join the PPCRV-Namfrel-LENTE in calling on all voters to participate in the May 10, 2010 elections and in selecting deserving and committed public elected officials who will lead the country and province towards genuine development, and restore and preserve our natural resources and national patrimony.

Many of the province’s 153,293 voters in 315 barangays may have already started accepting bribes of cash and goods from candidates whose desire to win persuades them to abandon their respect for the law. But they can still somehow redeem themselves on Monday, by voting for candidates of known integrity, character and proven performance

A few of the candidates in the 11 municipalities sincerely want to conduct a clean and honest campaign: no mudslinging and no vote-buying. But they are chastened by the fact that such a strategy does not guarantee victory most of the time. And so most of them are joining the bandwagon of dirty politics.

This is not to say that the political environment on the island is hopeless. It is still worth saving, if we encourage people of character and integrity to join the next political exercises in 2013 and help them conduct a campaign that would not force one to be an entertainer and buy votes.

The least we can do in the next few days is to seriously consider our choices. Just as the people of Virac are weighing who among Mayor Santos Zafe, former Mayor Cito Alberto and Architect Idoy Tablizo deserves a chance to lead the capital town to real progress, the rest of us Catandunganons should think about the consequence of another term for Governor Joseph Cua or the promise of a Santiago administration.

All the candidates in Catanduanes would perhaps try to buy our vote in the next few days. Many of us would accept the bribe, but we should at least consider voting for those who truly deserve to be public servants.

Source: Editorial, Catanduanes Tribune - 08 May 2010