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PSMEDC Asks Airlines to Add T-Th-S Flights - CT

The Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council (PSMEDC) has appealed to the management of the remaining two airlines servicing the Virac-Manila route to provide flights during the vacant days of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In a resolution passed in its recent meeting, the Council, chaired by businessman Rene Abella, appealed to the managements of Zest Airlines and Cebu Pacific Airlines for either of them to consider scheduling flights during said days to ensure the public of daily means by which businesses, negotiations, medical needs and other purposes in traveling would be immediately accomplished with the least discomfort, especially when health and life are at stake. Copies of the resolution were also furnished Congressman Joseph Santiago, Governor Joseph Cua and Vice Governor Alfred Aquino for their appropriate action. The Council says the realization of the appeal would immensely benefit the people and the community. With PAL Express dropping the rout…

Wanted: Volunteers Against Poll Fraud - CT

A major daily newspaper had a three-page article on electoral fraud that could be committed in the forthcoming automated national and local elections. Among the simplest forms of fraud that it said could happen include: 1) disenfranchisement of voters, either through misdelivery of PCOS machines and official ballots or by giving voters ballots with pre-shaded ovals and tampered bar codes; 2) misleading or confusing ballot design; 3) vote shaving or vote padding; and, 4) tampering with election returns through hacking, data alteration or memory switching. The common belief that Pinoys are naturally pre-disposed to finding loopholes in the law and going round the rules makes the effort of election watchdogs vital in the May 2010 polls. Add to this the possibility that candidates for highly-contested positions could resort to such fraud in order to get what they want. Thus, it is imperative that the Church find enough trustworthy, God-fearing individuals to volunteer for its election…