Would Viracnons Go for One With A Vision for A New Virac?

Many voters are expecting Congressman Joseph Santiago to battle friend and ally Joseph Cua for the governorship.

This assumes that he is handing over the bid to topple Virac Mayor Santos Zafe to former Mayor Cito Alberto, who has reportedly agreed to test his health in the rough-and-tumble of a new campaign in 2010. However, some residents of the capital town say that nothing would change, management-wise, both rivals being of the same feather.

Last week, Idoy Tablizo, who still nurtures his dream of becoming chief executive of Virac, came to town to probably test the waters for a new bid. The architect has been busy the past three years designing and supervising multi-million peso projects all over the country and it would be correct to assume that he has the cash to at least offer something to money-hungry voters here.

Idoy would certainly be a better alternative. Since the EDSA revolution in 1986, the people of Virac has had only one kind of mayor – all gamblers – from Dr. Rudy Sarmiento, to Cito Alberto and now Doc Zafe. Would they go for one with a vision for a new Virac, backed by his experience in the field of development, instead of reelecting a healer or a professional gambler?

by Fernan A. Gianan
Source: Inside Page, Catanduanes Tribune - 23 November 2009