A Mall in Virac?

Perhaps, Virac badly needs an urban transformation, this may sound an ambitious plan but with both public and private collaboration, it would be achievable.

Being the premier town on the island and most frequented by visitors, either official visits, locals and tourists. The common impression one gets are, sleepy, congested, dark, old and rusty. At night, the streets are deserted which adds to the gloom like the back alleys of a slum area, poorly lighted.

Obviously, we cannot erase overnight the typhoon damages and the rusty roofs viewed overhead from an airplane, its common in areas near seawater.

The plan to lease an idled or partly occupied government property to be converted to a mall should be a welcome proposal. Many municipalities have opted to lease their properties to private investors due to lack of funds. In addition, private mall investors often develop the areas within their vicinity to make it attractive to costumers.