Where Is Virac?

The municipality of Virac is situated at about 13.3degrees north latitude and 124.2 degrees east longitude. It is bounded on the east by the municipality of Bato and Cabugao Bay and by the Lagonoy Gulf on its southern geographical fringes. On its northern tips lies the municipality of Caramoran. The northeastern section is shared with the Municipality o San Miguel, while the western boundary abuts the municipality of San Andres.

It has a total land area of 18,778.40 hectares or 12% of the total land area of the province, ranking third in area among the eleven towns of the province of Catanduanes.

  • Historical Growth of Population - From 1903 to 2000, Virac population had been characterized by erratic growth trend. In 1903, Virac had a population of 8,945. after 15 years, it registered with 13,486 population or a remarkable increase of 50.77% and reflecting a 2.77% average annual growth rate.
  • Virac Domestic Airport - Virac Airport is the only airport serving the island province of Catanduanes in the Philippines.
  • Churches in Catanduanes - Catanduanes is composed of 11 municipalities, but there are 18 parishes distributed island wide.